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We are seeking to build an active membership of the SBKC. One of the many benefits to being a member is the right to vote in all elections and to select future board members. Additionally, it allows us to keep our information up to date so that we can send you out the newsletter, and keep you posted with current events and upcoming events. One of the biggest desires is making sure we reach the Spina Bifida community. Please share our site with others and if they are not on the mailing list, have them contact us.

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Financial Assistance Fund

SBKC Financial Assistance Fund has been created for individuals affected by Spina Bifida as they face the challenges of obtaining necessary medical equipment. This fund will assist in covering costs such as wheelchairs, bracing and crutches. This fund is here for you and we encourage you to take advantage of this assistance. Please note that applicants must be paid members of SBKC in order to be considered for Financial Assistance.

Click the link below to open the Financial Assistance Policy:

DOWNLOAD SBKC Financial Assistance Policy 2017

Click the link below to open the Financial Assistance Application:

DOWNLOAD SBKC Financial Assistance Application 2017

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